Worst Steak at Every Steakhouse Chain

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1. Outback Steakhouse Classic Prime Rib 24-Ounce

This 1.5-pound steak is ridiculous. It includes more calories than the average adult requires in a day: 2,660, including 1,950 from fat.

2. Logan's Roadhouse 16-Ounce Ribeye

1,000 calories is more than anyone needs in one entrée, even if it's not as much as Outback's 24-ounce Prime Rib.

Ribeye comprises 87 grammes of fat, including 34 grammes of saturated fat, while being smaller than Prime Rib. Sodium 2,780 mg.

3. Morton's 24-Ounce Prime Porterhouse

Morton's charges and serves eagerly. A 24-ounce Prime Porterhouse steak costs $75 and has 1,600 calories.

4. Texas Roadhouse 16-Ounce Prime Rib

With 1,260 calories and 42 grammes of saturated fat and 1,960 milligrammes of salt, it's a close second.

5. LongHorn Steakhouse LongHorn 22-Ounce

The 22-ounce LongHorn steak has 1,280 calories, approximately half of which are fat.

It comprises 67g fat, 27g saturated fat, and 5g trans fat. 365 milligrammes of cholesterol, and it's not healthy cholesterol.

6. The Capital Grille Bone-In Ribeye 22-Ounce

The 990 calories 72 grammes of fat, and 1,060 milligrammes of salt in this bone-in steak are excessive for the portion. 80 grammes of protein are included.

7. Sizzler Ribeye Steak

Sizzler's 14-ounce Ribeye Steak is an economical way to obtain calories, but at 1,090 calories, it's not a good value health-wise, despite being under $20.

8. Black Angus Steakhouse 18-Ounce Bone-In Ribeye

Another 1,000-calorie steak. It has 1,030 calories, 750 from fat, 83 grammes of fat (37 grammes saturated), 1,680 mg sodium, and 275 mg cholesterol.

9. Claim Jumper's Porterhouse Steak

This pound-and-a-half steak has 1,620 calories, 1,174 from fat.

The Porterhouse includes 130 grammes of fat, 49 grammes of saturated fat, and the chain's "Steak Toppers" add 310 calories and 30 grammes of fat.