What Happens If You Consume Too Many Pickles?

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Everyone knows at least one pickle-obsessed person. Sandwiches, burgers, and salads can all benefit from the tangy addition to their flavors.

These tasty and delightfully bright pickles make a great snack, but what happens if you eat too many?

1) Increased Sodium Levels

An average serving of pickles is high in sodium. One dill pickle spear has about 300 mg of sodium, according to Health.

According to WebMD, excessive salt intake might raise your risk of heart attack, stroke, diabetes, and kidney disease.

2) Gassiness And Bloating

Pickles can also cause moderate stomach discomfort. According to LiveStrong, you may be surprised to learn that pickles can produce gas and bloating.

A few pickle spears at lunch won't make you burp the alphabet in your afternoon meeting, but too many can make you gassy.

3) Heartburn

Heartburn can cause a burning sensation in the stomach and esophagus. It is generally the result of consuming too much acid or a distasteful dish.

Most commercially manufactured pickles are pasteurized, which kills any good (or hazardous) germs, according to Healthline.

4) Increased Thirst

Salty foods are well-known for making you thirstier than you've ever been. A diet that includes a lot of pickles can leave you feeling thirsty as a result of the high salt content.

In the event that you find yourself constantly reaching for a bottle of water, you may want to check your sodium intake.

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