What Causes Cats to Sleep So Much?

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Isn't it true that your cat sleeps almost all of the time? If you've ever wondered why your cat sleeps so much, it's because of his wild roots and natural hunting instincts.

Cats can nap for at least half of the day. Between 12 and 20 hours a day, cats can be found dozing off. Cats that are younger or older tend to nap more than others.

It's because cats' wild predecessors slept a lot. Wild cats sleep long hours to conserve energy for hunting, chasing, and killing prey.

Our domestic cats retain this slumber instinct, but they no longer need to search for food. Their energy reserves prepare them for racing, pounce attacks, climbing, and stalking.

In any case, if you notice that your cat's sleep schedule abruptly shifts, you should bring them in for a checkup with your veterinarian. 

A cat sleeping more may indicate illness or discomfort, but a cat sleeping less may indicate hyperthyroidism (thyroid is overactive).

What cat's sleeping position indicate?

Cats who sleep on their bellies are completely at ease and secure in your home. While napping, your cat feels comfortable exposing its most vulnerable spot.

Cats who sleep on their backs are more at ease in their surroundings when snoozing. When they're sleeping like this, cats aren't hypervigilant.

If your cat covers his face when sleeping, he seeks privacy or it's not dark enough. If your cat feels uncomfortable in a bright room, reduce the lights or cover the windows.

Cats who sleep in a circle with their heads curled to their chests crave protection. This position protects cats' organs and bodily components.

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