The Best Snacks For a Faster Metabolism

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Cheese and crackers

Having a snack in the afternoon will help speed up your metabolism as you plan dinner.

Cheese and crackers can be a good between-meal snack because the cheese is high in protein.

Hard-boiled egg and a whole grain granola bar

Sometimes you need a quick snack. A hard-boiled egg and a whole grain granola bar "revs that calorie burning system.

Beef jerky and a banana

Beef jerky isn't just for road trips. Suggests jerky because of its high protein content. "It's the hardest to break down.

Fruit, yogurt, and nuts

A midmorning snack can hold you over till lunch if you have breakfast early. Long fasts might slow your metabolism.

This snack combo is wonderful because it combines fibre, protein, and fat. Greek yoghurt is high in protein, and consuming extra protein helps boost calorie burn.

Apple with peanut butter

Apples with peanut butter offer a sweet, crisp bite and a warm, savoury richness.

Prevent hunger and boost metabolism. Apples are a nice touch because they provide fibre to maintain glucose metabolism.

Hummus and fresh veggies

Another quick post-lunch or pre-dinner snack. Like apples and peanut butter, hummus and fresh vegetables boost your metabolism.

Hummus' fibre, protein, and healthy fats boost glucose metabolism. This is how the body's metabolism breaks down glucose into energy and stores it in the liver.

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