The 11 Biggest Turnoffs When In Bed!

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1) Bad breath

Ordering the garlic bread for a romantic dinner is a bad idea if you're hoping for a lucky break.

2) Unruly nails

Having your partner's long, jagged toenails shown as you're about to undress is the worst kind of shock. Go to a nail parlor and get a pedicure for yourself!

3) Hygiene

Most people place a high priority on their personal cleanliness. A bad body odor can certainly ruin a passionate moment!

4) Dirty sheets

As awful as it is to see a pigsty bedroom with dirty linens, it's also a huge red flag for the future of the relationship!

5) Lack of enthusiasm

Congratulations if you've made it to the bedroom without raising any red flags! However, if one of the partners isn't really into it, the whole thing can lose its luster.

6) Talking about an Ex

Talking about an ex on a first date is bad, but in bed, it's even worse. It's okay to talk about sex, but avoid specifics.

7) Lack of boundaries

Many women have males that don't respect their boundaries. The initial "no" should be enough, whether they want to try something new or without protection.

8) Changing position

In addition to this, some women claim that males often feel the need to continuously shift positions in bed, which can be a problem.

9) Faking It

Many males said that the suspicion that their partner is faking it is a huge turnoff. Not only is it rather discouraging, but it also shows that the partnership lacks an open discussion.

10) Too much talking

A small bit of foul language never injured anyone, but if it's persistent (especially if you don't like what they're saying), it can impair the experience significantly.

11) Distraction

Perhaps they insist on checking their phone whenever it vibrates. This is a clear indication that they are not completely lost in the present.

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