Texas Roadhouse is more popular than ever

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The biggest steakhouse chain in the U.S. said on Thursday that in the past 7 weeks, on average, its restaurants have had more customers than at any other time in its history.

The former director of shareholders and corporate finance at Texas Roadhouse said that "just a tick over 10%" of that 15.8% was due to traffic and that the rest was due to pricing.

We've seen that letting customers pay when they're ready helps Texas Roadhouse clear tables more quickly.

This means that chain can serve far more parties than before and that customers don't have to wait as long for their checks from busy servers.

These are likely making the customer journey at Texas Roadhouse even stronger and getting more people to come back.

Some Texas Roadhouse locations have also added cooking display systems, which can help keep track of what customers want to eat.

Effective order management can cut down on the time customers have to wait for their food which is likely to make them happier and let Texas Roadhouse serve more people and make room for more traffic.

The CEO of Texas Roadhouse thinks that the good start to the year is because of how good their brand is as a whole.

Sales are projected to drop in the following six weeks as the statistics settle down. "But I think we still have opportunity to develop," added the CEO.

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