Reduce Risk of Stroke With These Eating Habits!

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1) Eat More Omega-Fatty Acid Foods

Healthy fats and omega-3 fatty acids keep the brain healthy and help prevent brain illnesses. It contains fatty foods including salmon, avocado, and chia seeds. 

You can also increase the amount of good fats in your diet by consciously selecting cooking oils. Like, replace your cooking spray with olive oil or canola oil.

2) Eat low sodium diet

High salt consumption is associated with hypertension, which increases the risk of stroke. Studies have demonstrated that a moderate salt intake protects against strokes.

The American Heart Association issued new recommendations calling for a daily sodium intake of 1,500 mg or less.

3) Eat fiber rich food

The CDC recommends a "healthy diet" that includes meals low in saturated fats, plenty of fruits and vegetables, and adequate fiber intake.

A meta-analysis of 8,900 stroke cases indicated that eating fiber reduced stroke risk. This risk decreased by 12% for every 10 grams of daily fiber.

4) Limit intake of red meat

The consumption of red meat, which is heavy in saturated fat, is another significant eating habit for preventing strokes. 

Stroke and Vascular Neurology found that replacing saturated fats like red meat with healthy Mediterranean fats reduces stroke risk.

5) Don't just focus on weight loss

Focusing less on weight loss and more on eating a nutritious, well-balanced diet are two strategies that Fine recommends for improving your general well-being.

Heal your connection with food and stop focusing just on weight loss. Lifestyle adjustments, regardless of weight loss, improve blood pressure and cholesterol.

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