Is Honey Safe for Diabetics?

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When it comes to which sugar substitutes are safe for diabetics to consume, honey can leave many of us scratching our heads. So, Is Honey Beneficial for Diabetics?

White sugar and honey contain comparable quantities of simple carbs and, hence, have comparable effects on blood glucose levels.

In light of this, substituting honey for sugar will not significantly affect blood sugar control, but honey has health advantages that can help prevent other diabetes-related problems.

It has a lower glycemic index than sugar (58 versus 60). Honey has more calories per tablespoon than sugar at 60 vs 48 calories respectively.

Aside from cancer- and inflammation-fighting antioxidants and allergy-fighting seasonal pollen, honey contains trace levels of vitamins, minerals, and other nutrients.

Honey offers more nutrients, but it still raises blood sugar. So, you can pair it with nut-based spreads to reduce increases.

Top salads with fat-rich cheese and honey. Cheese's fat delays absorption of honey's sugar, reducing blood sugar spikes.

Overall, more research is needed before specialists can advocate adding honey to the diet as a way to assist manage blood sugar levels.

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