Grocery Chain With the Most Delicious Pre-Made Pumpkin Pie

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We're days away from Thanksgiving, so if you haven't ordered a pie, you're definitely out of luck.

Your local grocery shops offer pre-made pumpkin pies you can buy up last minute—perfect for T-day procrastinators countrywide. But which national chain offers better pie?

We examined Costco, Safeway, Kroger, and Walmart pumpkin pies. It each grocery shop, I selected a pie and dived in.

No preordering, no waiting in line for hours, and no pies above $10 (most were under $6).

Walmart's pumpkin pie ($5.94 for a 10-inch pie) has a light shell and smooth filling.

The pie wasn't overly sweet and the pumpkin spice wasn't overpowering. Shelf-stable pie didn't need to be refrigerated.

The 8-inch Kroger pie ($5.99) was awful. She remarked the pie filling was fake and we couldn't eat more than one mouthful.

Costco's 12-inch pumpkin pie ($5.99 with membership) made up for Kroger's failure. Fluffy, sweet, and vanilla-scented, this warehouse-baked pie was wrapped in an aluminium pan.

But pumpkin-spice fans may prefer a different supermarket chain's pie, as this one wasn't as strong.

A winner. The 11-inch pie ($9.75) from Safeway featured a light shell and wonderful filling.

Pumpkin filling with cinnamon and other spices was perfect.

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