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best Foods For Stronger Hair and Nails


Vitamin C in these little fruits will keep your hair healthy and long. Since the body can't synthesise vitamin C, tangerines are the best method to get your dose and strengthen your hair.


Eating mushrooms will make your hair shiny or strong. And your hair will be longer.

Fatty Fish

Vitamin D may revive dormant hair follicles. Thus, the vitamin may prevent hair loss and baldness.

Wheat Germ Oil

Vitamin E's ability to improve hair health is due to the presence of powerful antioxidants in the vitamin, specifically tocotrienols.


Eating spinach, which is high in iron and vitamin E, is a terrific method to strengthen your hair, which makes sense given the rich green vegetable's nutritional profile.


Recent studies have indicated that consuming extra zinc helps stop hair loss caused by a deficiency.


Eating foods rich in linolenic and alpha-linolenic acid, such as walnuts, can help you avoid this type of hair and skin damage.

Brazil Nuts

Selenium, a vital trace element that helps prevent oxidative damage and aids in the formation of hair follicles, is another nutrient required for strong, healthy strands.

Sweet Potatoes

The National Institute of Health recommends eating a cooked sweet potato with the skin to get vitamin A, which helps hair.

Best Supplement For Hair Loss Says Dermatologist

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