Best Eating Habit for a Flat Belly

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In the U.S., breakfast is considered the most essential meal, although in other nations, lunch and supper are also significant.

Instead of three large meals, eating five to six smaller meals helps maintain a flat abdomen.

It boosts metabolism and prevents overeating. It's an easy method to eat less while still feeling full.

People used to eating three substantial meals a day may find this tough. Continue eating breakfast, lunch, and supper, but make them smaller. Eat two snacks between meals.

To feel full, incorporate protein and fibre in each meal. In addition to eating more frequently, smaller meals, high-protein foods can assist you have a flat stomach.

Bloating can prevent a tummy from appearing flatter, and eating smaller meals more frequently can assist reduce bloating by avoiding excessive digesting after a large meal.

Choosing modest, regular meals might assist those prone to bloating avoid the heavy digestive load of a large meal, reducing bloating and gas. It's tummy-friendly.

Eating numerous smaller meals throughout the day reduces bloating, is easier on the stomach, and helps maintain a flat abdomen. It also improves heart health.

The study suggests that eating more than four meals a day can enhance cholesterol levels, heart health, and cardiovascular disease risk.

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